Monday, May 19, 2008

Central Bail Bond Cars in Texas

If you drive around the city you can't miss those yellow cars from Central Bail Bonds parked on various street corners. The state is trying to get those cars moved.

These yellow cars are the trade mark for Central Bail Bonds. The cars are all vintage fully restored, fully licensed and legal to drive on the streets.

Kenneth Knowles, the owner of Central Bail Bonds says he has about 15 cars scattered throughout the 94 counties he serves. And now, Knowles says the state sent him a letter asking him to move the vehicles or else. Knowles says the state admitted he is the only person in this area who has received one of the letters.

But the state says its not because someone complained. Those vehicles, he explains, are also used for parades and in other events fifty to sixty times a year.

I spoke with Adele Lewis, the spokesperson for Tx-Dot. She says once a year the state inspects areas along the interstates and primary highways.

One of Knowles' cars is parked on property adjacent to a primary highway. That's the state's basis for wanting the cars moved or permitted to advertise. But this issue may already be headed to legal circles. Knowles' attorney has drafted and sent a letter to the state contesting everything.

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