Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bail Industry Gets Political

NAME: Laura Beckett-White

CANDIDATE FOR: Cabell County magistrate

PARTY: Democrat

STATEMENT: "It is time for change in the magistrate court system. The residents of Cabell County deserve educated, experienced, and qualified magistrates to serve them. As magistrate I will work hard to serve the public to the best of my ability using honesty and fairness. I will work together with law enforcement, and other agencies within the criminal justice system, in an effort to decrease crime in this county."

QUESTION & ANSWER: Do you support the continued use of bail bondsmen in Cabell County?

"Bail bondsmen are used at the discretion of the offender. Although I believe that bail bondsmen are a cost effective way of reducing regional jail costs, I think that bail bondsmen need to be approved by county officials and supervised in order to ensure efficiency."

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Anonymous said...

In West Virginia we are allready licensed by the county. But evry county has its own codes .

what we really need is the state to license us at the state level . They have passed the legislation to do just that in 2004 . But as of yet nothing more has been done.
Ben Morgan
AAA Bail Bonds
West Virginia

Anonymous said...

Mr. Morgan is absolutely right. The state statute allows for one 'statewide' privilege, overseen by the WV Supreme Court. This code and the VERY fair remission statute would ordinarily make WV a truly 'pro bail' state. The courts just have not fulfilled their responsibility to set the regs.