Monday, March 24, 2008

Man Uses Violent Means to Avoid Bondsman

A man being sought by a bail bond agent after apparently missing a court hearing stabbed himself in the neck in an attempt to avoid going back to jail Thursday afternoon, Taft police said.

But the suspect, Preston Robbins, 25, suffered only minor injuries.

Robbins was supposed to appear in court on Jan. 16 for a hearing related to a charge of unlawfully starting a fire that destroyed his parents Maricopa home in 2006, according to court records.

But he apparently didn't show.

Taft Police Sgt. Ed Whiting said a bail agent tracked Robbins to a residence on the 400 block of Lucard Street Thursday afternoon and tried to take Robbins back into custody.

Whiting said the Robbins refused to go, and grabbed a knife and stabbed himself in the throat.

Taft police were called and arrived to find Robbins still holding the knife, Whiting said. The sergeant said Taft Police detective Corey Beilby talked Robbins into dropping the knife and Robbins was taken into custody without further incident.

Robbins was examined at the scene by firefighters and paramedics, then released to the bond agent.

Robbins was later treated at Kern Medical Center then booked into the Kern County jail, Whiting said.

Robbins is being held without bail, according to Kern County sheriff's jail records

He is charged with unlawfully starting a fire and failing to appear on a felony charge.

Maricopa Police originally arrested him on Sept. 19, 2006 after a fire broke out at his parents Maricopa home.

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