Monday, January 14, 2008

Unusual Cell Phone Problem For Bondsmen

How well do you remember phone numbers? Can you call a family member or friend from memory or do you rely on the numbers stored in your cell phone? If you're stuck in jail, it can mean the difference between getting out or spending time behind bars.

"Somebody has to pay for the bond, and most of the time we need an indemnitor, someone who is going to take financial responsibility for the full amount of the bond to make sure that this person is going to go to court," explained bail bondsman Wendy Zamutt.

You'd think all you have to do is grab your cell phone and call someone. But remember, when you're behind bars, you don't have your cell phone.

"We live in a time where everyone has a cell phone and nobody has any phone numbers memorized. Everything is on speed dial -- so nobody has any numbers that they can give me and that causes a huge problem," Wendy said.

No numbers means no financing and no quick chance of getting out of jail.

"If you don't have any phone numbers plan on hunkering down because you're gonna be here awhile," Wendy warned.

It's also good to remember that since calls from jail have to be collect, in most cases, you can't call a cell phone from behind bars. It has to be a landline.

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