Monday, December 10, 2007

Bail Bondsman Says Relationships And Location Are Secrets To Success

In a previous career, Frank Kopczynski was a hospital administrator who helped failing hospitals get on their feet. But 20 years ago, he found himself at a professional crossroads.

After his contract with a New Jersey hospital expired, he was faced with either relocating with his employer to northern Michigan or returning home to Florida. He chose the latter, and spurred by a casual suggestion by his daughter's boss, decided to take a chance on the bail bond industry.

Fortunately, the business know-how, marketing tactics and people skills he developed during his time in health care made the transition much smoother than he had imagined.

After passing the required two-week course and receiving his license, Kopczynski opened Action Plus Bail Bonds in April 1988. Soon after, he acquired some industry training at St. Petersburg College and fell in love with the trade.

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