Friday, November 16, 2007

Judge Sides with Houston in Challenge to Red-Light Cameras

A Harris County judge has ruled that Houston's red-light cameras are legal and constitutional.

State District Judge Sharolyn Wood's ruling comes in response to a lawsuit filed by a red-light camera critic who sued the city after intentionally running a red light.

Bail bondsman Michael Kubosh ran a red light last year, then sued the city after he was caught on camera and fined. He and his brother, lawyer Paul Kubosh, argued that Houston's fines conflicted with state law.

But Wood ruled the city has the statutory authority to operate the red-light cameras.

In a letter to both sides, Wood agreed with the Kuboshes' complaint that the city has failed to present "properly authenticated evidence" in hearings over the tickets. City Attorney Arturo Michel says the city will revise the hearing process to address any problems.

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