Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Suspect Surrenders Due to Bail Bondsman

A man suspected of being a member of the Hooded Safe Bandits is under arrest after turning himself in to police Wednesday night.

In an exclusive interview with Fox 31 News, the bail bondsman who arranged the surrender says they were looking for Manual Santistevan on an unrelated case.

He says they got in contact with Santistevan through his family and arranged the surrender.

The bail bondsman says Santistevan wanted witnesses because he was concerned police might hurt him. Santistevan is the third suspect arrested in the so-called Hooded Safe Bandits robberies.

Police earlier arrested his brother, Roman Santistevan, and Ishmael Mosely. The three are believed to be responsible for more than 20 armed robberies at metro area fast food restaurants and stores. Santistevan was also wanted in connection with a high speed chase last week.

The bail bondsman, who does not want his real name used says Santistevan told him that he was not involved in the robberies. And the bail bondsman says Santistevan told him that he sped away from an undercover officer because he did not realize it was the police.

According to search warrant documents, Mosley confessed to at least some of the robberies.

The arrest warrants in the Santistevan cases are sealed, but police say they have solid reasons to believe that both Santistevan brothers are involved.

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