Friday, May 04, 2007

Mom as bounty hunter cops-out

Mom as bounty hunter cops-out - "Definitely getting nominated for Series Title of the Year honors: 'Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter.'

If only the show lived up to that intriguing promise.

Oh, sure, Sandra Scott takes on all three of those roles in WE's new cable reality series shot around her Phoenix-area territory. The blond ex-wrestler has a husband, two kids, and she works as a 'fugitive recovery agent' tracking and apprehending criminal suspects who've skipped bail.

It's just that, in her case, none of those roles seems particularly interesting."

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Fed Up With This said...

I really enjoy this show and look forward to seeing what Sandra will have to confront next. I also found myself in suspense quite a few times, and worried for her team's safety. I enjoy that she tells us what she's planning and how she thinks, and I believe she is a great role model for women and young girls. I have told many, many friends about this nationwide and they all tune in. So I disagree with the assertion that the show "cops-out".