Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bondsmen pay bail, keep tabs on clients

Bondsmen pay bail, keep tabs on clients : The University Daily Kansan: "The headlights of Steve Robson’s black Ford pickup cut through the fog of gravel dust as he sped toward the house near Tonganoxie. He slammed on his brakes, jumped out and ran toward the door, a badge on his right hip, handcuffs hanging from his belt and pepper spray in his back pocket. As his son, Brock, and son-in-law, Steven, circled the house to prevent the woman from fleeing through a window, Robson banged on the door.
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Steve Robson of Lawrence argues with a man who refuses to turn over his girlfriend, a

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“I have a warrant for your arrest,” he yelled, trying to coax the woman outside.

The woman had failed to show up for her court date. If he couldn’t get her out of the house and back behind bars, Robson stood to lose $1,000. It took nearly 30 minutes, an exchange of profanities between Robson and the woman’s boyfriend and one failed escape attempt before the woman came outside. She allowed Robson to cuff her and take her back to jail.

Robson, 46, who owns Ace Bail Bonds, 2400 Franklin Rd., is one of a handful of Lawrence bondsmen who make a living by bailing people out of jail. Bondsmen guarantee their clients will appear in court and an insurance company guarantees t"

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